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Cellular Origins is focused on enabling scalable, cost-effective and space efficient manufacture of cell and gene therapies.

As a TTP Company, the expertise within Cellular Origins builds on more than 30 year’s experience in supporting the world’s most innovative and ambitious companies develop new tools and technologies.

TAP is formed

The Automation Partnership (TAP) was formed in 1997, a year later saw TAP demerged from the group. In 2013 TAP was taken over by Sartorius Stedim with a valuation of £33m.



TTP designed, built and installs a 40,000 roller bottle line for EPO manufacture – the first example of high volume scale-out, rather than scale-up. Read more

The first EMA approved cell therapy:

TTP works on the therapy that was to become the first approved by the EMA

Cellular Highways

TTP spins out Cellular Highways who have developed the world’s fastest cell sorter, targeting use in therapeutic cell sorting.

A revolution in cell therapy tools…

TTP is responsible for the development of over 10 cell therapy systems in just 5 years.

Cellular Origins

TTP created Cellular Origins to enable cell therapy developers to scale up their manufacturing and enable access to the tools and technologies they want, at the scale they need.

Cellular Origins launches Constellation™

“Cell therapies have shown the ability to cure the incurable, and yet we cannot get them to patients because of an inability to scale manufacturing. At Cellular Origins, we want therapy developers to be able to scale the processes they have tried, tested and proven. And then in the future, as further technologies emerge that further enhance the efficacy of these therapies, we want to ensure that these too can be manufactured for patients everywhere.”

Dr Edwin Stone | CEO | Cellular Origins

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