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  • Closed, fully automated, and configurable robotic platform for cell therapy manufacture can achieve 30-fold increase in space efficiency and reduces production costs and labour by 51% and 16-fold respectively
  • Scales cell therapy manufacturing without changing the process used in clinical trial
  • Platform launched at the ISCT Annual Meeting 2023

Cellular Origins’ platform, Constellation for cell therapy manufacture

Cambridge, UK, 31 May 2023: Cellular Origins, a TTP Company focused on enabling scalable, cost-effective and space-efficient manufacture of cell and gene therapies (CGTs), has today announced the launch of Constellation™, its closed, configurable, robotic platform at the International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT) Annual Meeting 2023. Designed to automate the manufacturing of advanced therapies without significant process redevelopment, Constellation combines aseptic fluid handling technologies with advanced automation from the industry 4.0 revolution.

Despite the therapeutic potential offered by CGTs, alongside the rapid growth of the sector (surpassing $90bn by 2030, CAGR 22%), these advanced therapies remain largely unavailable to patients worldwide due to a disconnect between therapeutic innovation and manufacturing capability for affordable large scale production. Able to increase space efficiency 30-fold compared to conventional, manual techniques, alongside a reduction in production costs and labour by 51% and 16-fold respectively, Cellular Origins’ platform has been developed to address this need, providing therapy developers access to sterile manufacturing at scale.

Constellation combines highly flexible, autonomous mobile robots, proprietary tube welding technology and automated tube management to enable sterile fluid transfer. These robots interface with a fully configurable modular system of consoles built around the needs of the individual therapy. Consoles work seamlessly together, providing complete end-to-end digital interconnection, including quality control systems and fully remote digital control and analytics. Cellular Origins is working closely with a growing list of partners, such as the recently announced collaboration with ScaleReady, to ensure streamlined integration with existing and future bioprocess instruments at any scale of production, from lab system to factory.

Dr Edwin Stone, CEO of Cellular Origins, commented:The growing disconnect between advanced therapy biological innovation and manufacturing capability is one of the key issues preventing these kinds of lifesaving therapies from reaching the market. Cellular Origins’ platform, Constellation has been designed to address this urgent need. Our configurable and automated robotic technology brings the revolution of industry 4.0 to the forefront of CGT, and enables efficient, scalable, automated manufacture, without process redevelopment.”

Cellular Origins is showcasing Constellation on Booth #4 at ISCT 2023, 31 May – 3 June in Paris.

For more information, or to discuss how Cellular Origins can support your advanced therapy manufacturing workflow, please visit:

Dr Edwin Stone, CEO of Cellular Origins

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About Cellular Origins

Cellular Origins, a TTP Company, is focused on enabling scalable, cost-effective, and space efficient manufacture of cell and gene therapies (CGTs).

Despite the incredible potential for CGTs in the treatment of disease, emerging therapies remain unavailable to many patients due to insufficient expertise and manufacturing capability for affordable production. With an increasing number of approved CGTs currently reaching the market, the disconnect between innovative therapies and manufacturing capabilities has led to an urgent need for solutions that provide large-scale access to cost-effective, next-generation therapeutics.

Created to provide therapeutic developers and CDMOs access to the equipment they want, at the scale they need, Cellular Origins’ is bringing advanced automation from the industry 4.0 revolution to the forefront of CGT.

Cellular Origins’ Constellation is a closed, configurable, robotic platform that enables scalable, cost-effective and space efficient advanced therapy manufacture, consisting of highly flexible mobile robots with proprietary future-proofed, automated effectors for sterile fluid transfer. The modular platform can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing workflows with minimal changes, alleviating the need for process redevelopment without constraining innovation.

To find out more about Cellular Origins and its innovative cell therapy manufacture solutions, please visit Follow Cellular Origins on Twitter (@CellularOrigins) and LinkedIn (@CellularOrigins).

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