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Szer Ming is a seasoned software engineer and functional safety engineer. He has delivered software systems for regulated industries in the transportation, medical and healthcare sectors, most recently at Lex Diagnostics and Fluidic Analytics, working across various software technology stacks.

He obtained a PhD in Automotive Manufacturing from Loughborough University, and an MEng in Mechanical and Production Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Here, Szer Ming speaks on his ambition to create meaningful solutions for cell and gene therapy manufacturing by leveraging his expertise in software and high-integrity systems.

Cell and gene therapy is an innovative sector that holds great promise for treating a variety of diseases. However, mass adoption of this much needed technology relies on the ability to scale-up production on an industrial scale.

Speaking as a software architect and engineer, this is an incredibly exciting time for us to contribute to the advancement of biotech manufacturing. We can play a key role in designing and developing software systems that power automated manufacturing processes, from the control systems that manage equipment and robotics on the production shopfloor, to the planning and management services that coordinate and optimise production efficiency and quality.

We have the unique opportunity to push the boundary of software-centric automation systems by adopting modern software technologies, services, platforms, as well as software development methodologies. These, combined with the need for ensuring functional safety, reliability and availability of the software and production systems, are a demanding but meaningful challenge that the Cellular Origin team is excited to be working to overcome — a mission that has the potential to improve patient outcomes and transform healthcare on a global scale.

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