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We are delighted to welcome Jason Jones to the Cellular Origins team as Global Business Development Lead!

Jason is a cell and gene therapy industry veteran with over 20 years of sales and business development experience in the sector, including pivotal roles at Miltenyi Biotec, Ori Biotech and, most recently, adthera bio.

Here, we hear from Jason on how his drive to make an impactful difference in cell and gene therapy manufacturing brought him to Cellular Origins.

“In my twenty years’ experience in sales, marketing, management and strategy within the cell and gene therapy sector, I have seen a lot of water under the bridge, both in the therapies themselves and the manufacture of them. However, I have not seen enough change. We are essentially still producing these 21st century medicines with 20th century technologies, and if we continue down this road, there is no way we will reach the scale needed to treat wider and larger patient groups. There is a glaring need for an evolutionary industry leap to truly make cell therapies a new pillar of medicine.

This is exactly why Cellular Origins is the perfect home for me, where passion and vision are aligned in making that difference, driving manufacturing technology to where it needs to be and putting real substance and realisation to the word that is too often said but seldom meant, ‘automation’.

Cellular Origins is offering cell therapy developers a revolutionary solution to affordable manufacturing at scale. Capitalising on the cutting-edge technologies already successfully employed in other manufacturing industries, Cellular Origins’ uniquely combines advanced automation robotics with aseptic fluid-handling technologies in a highly flexible and scalable system.

As Global Business Development Lead at Cellular Origins, I shall be helping to maintain and develop current partnerships, discover and secure new partnerships, to progress collaborations with other technology providers and support relations with potential investors.

I truly believe that it is here, with Cellular Origins, that I can help transform care for so many patients that need it.”

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